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After the diesel generator has been running for a long time, due to the wear of parts or improper operation and adjustment, and untimely maintenance and other reasons, the problem of insufficient power often occurs. There are two main reasons for this:


One is due to poor sealing of the combustion chamber, insufficient fuel supply, poor atomization of the fuel injector, insufficient air supply, improper adjustment of fuel supply timing, etc., resulting in incomplete combustion of fuel, resulting in insufficient power of the diesel generator.


The second is that due to excessive wear of parts, poor lubrication, poor cooling, improper installation and other reasons, the friction loss of the diesel generator itself is too large, which reduces the output power and leads to insufficient power of the diesel generator. Therefore, when analyzing and troubleshooting diesel generator power shortage faults, we should grasp the two key issues of combustion quality and friction loss, and then combine the operator's understanding and understanding of the wear and technical status of various components of the diesel generator. Master, so as to find out the most likely reasons for the insufficient power of diesel generators, and then check and eliminate them.


   Insufficient oil supply: Insufficient oil supply is one of the more common faults of the engine. There are two situations that can easily cause insufficient oil supply to the engine:


   The first situation is that the half blockage of the oil circuit leads to an increase in oil supply resistance, which makes the oil supply of the machine unsmooth. When this happens, the machine performs normally when the power supply is small load, but when the power supply is heavy load, due to poor oil supply and the required oil supply increases, the engine will have obvious failure symptoms: the speed drops, and the sound becomes " Difficult." At this time, it is necessary to check the oil supply pipeline and diesel filter, remove the blockage or replace the filter.


   The second situation is that the low-pressure oil circuit is not tightly sealed, causing air to enter, resulting in air resistance. This kind of failure phenomenon is also relatively obvious: in addition to the insufficient power of the machine, an obvious "beep" sound can be heard at the oil pipe joint, and the sound will also increase when the accelerator is increased. After an air leak is found, retighten the joint screw or replace the gasket according to the situation.


   Intake and exhaust system failure: When the intake system is blocked, the diesel generator will have insufficient intake air, power drop, dull sound, and black smoke from the exhaust. The most common failure of the air intake system is a clogged air filter. This kind of failure phenomenon is more obvious and easy to judge, as long as the air filter is cleaned carefully, it can be solved. For supercharged diesel generators, in addition to the blockage of the air filter, air leakage in the intake and exhaust systems will also lead to insufficient power of the machine.


   Because the supercharged diesel generator relies on the exhaust pressure to drive the turbine to rotate and deliver compressed air to the intake pipe, thereby increasing the engine power. Therefore, the intake and exhaust systems of the supercharged diesel generator must be completely sealed. If there is air leakage in the exhaust system, the exhaust pressure will decrease, the speed of the supercharger will decrease, and the intake pressure of the engine will also decrease. Decreased power, manifested as insufficient power. If there is air leakage in the air intake system, the power of the machine will also be reduced due to insufficient air intake. To check the air leakage of the intake and exhaust systems, use cotton wool, fine cloth strips, etc. close to the pipe joints. If there is obvious phenomenon of being blown or sucked into the joints, it means that there is an air leak, and it needs to be installed at the pipe joints. spacers or tighten the screws.


   Piston group failure: The failure of the piston group is mainly due to the wear and tear of the piston assembly. When the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner are worn, it will cause poor cylinder compression and insufficient engine power. The phenomenon is weak work, blue smoke from the exhaust, and oil consumption. When the wear is serious, it is also accompanied by crankcase blow-by and engine abnormal noise.

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