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How to maintain the battery of diesel generator set

How to maintain the battery of diesel generator set


1. Check whether the battery is charging normally. If you have an ammeter, after starting the engine, measure the voltage on both poles of the battery. It must exceed 13V to be considered normal. If you find that the charging voltage is too low, you need to ask a professional to check the charging system.

If there is no three-purpose ammeter, you can use visual inspection: after starting the engine, open the battery water filling cap and see if there are bubbles in each small cell. The normal situation is that bubbles will continue to bubble out of the water, and the more oil will bubble out, the more oil will bubble up; if you find that there is no bubble, there is probably something wrong with the charging system. Special attention should be paid to the fact that hydrogen will be generated during this inspection, so do not smoke during the inspection to avoid the risk of explosion and fire.

2. Open the battery water filling cap and check whether the water level is at the normal position. Generally there will be upper and lower limit markings on the side of the battery for your reference. If it is found that the water level is lower than the lower mark, distilled water must be added. If distilled water cannot be obtained at once, filtered tap water can be used as an emergency. Do not add too much water, the standard is to add it to the middle of the upper and lower markings.

3. Use a damp cloth to scrub the outside of the battery, and wipe away dust, oil, white powder and other contaminants that can easily cause leakage on the panel and pile heads. By scrubbing the battery frequently in this way, white acid-etched powder will not accumulate on the pile head of the battery, and its service life will be longer

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