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The wear and tear of the diesel generator set during use

The wear and tear of the diesel generator set during use


Believe that the majority of users in the use of diesel generator set, the load are almost all is open, and not in accordance with the relevant instructions to use, the normal use is: when start the diesel generator set, should check whether the load air switch is in the off state, not in the normal operation of the diesel generating set, load of air switch is must not be switched on.

After use, you should first disconnect the load and then stop the unit. The sequence should be start - normal - on load - off load - no load run for a few minutes - stop - add refrigerant


If started with a load, many electrical equipment will cause a lot of starting current when adding voltage, that is, instant starting current. In many diesel generator sets, four protection systems will be installed. If the starting current is too large, there will be overcurrent protection. And many equipment due to the voltage change from low to high can not work properly and damage the equipment.


The heat dissipation circulation system in the diesel generator set with load shutdown automatically stops heat dissipation, and the parts working for a long time lose cooling, which is easy to cause overheating of the cylinder head, cylinder liner and cylinder block, crack, or piston expansion. At the same time, the lubricating oil is heated, leading to poor lubrication and wear will also be aggravated.


The above is JETPOWER for you to introduce the diesel generator set in the use of the load wear cause, if you want to consult more product issues, welcome to the official website of JETPOWER for consultation.


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