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Jet Power, the professional power equipment diesel generator manufacturer, and jet power generator supplier, is professional in manufacturing power equipment more than 18 years, covering diesel generator, gas generator set, gasoline generator set, alternator, water pump and so on. Jet Power has been engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sale of various power equipment and electric motors since 2002, including diesel generator sets, water-cooled generators
, air-cooled generators, gas generator sets, lighthouse generators, trailer diesel generators, its main products include various alternators, electric motors, water pumps, gasoline generator sets, d...

One-stop customization service, the following is the service process

1.Specification / Requirement

2. Analysis

3. Details discussion with the customers for solution


5. Production

6. Testing & Quality Control

7. Delivery

8. After Sales


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First-class technology creates first-class products

Jet Power, as a power equipment diesel generator manufacturer, has focused on developing power equipment that excels others in quality, performance, and uniqueness for more than 18 years. Thanks to the unremitting effort of our R&D team, we have made great strides in this aspect.Jetgenset is a Chinese pioneer jet power generator maker. Jet Power is a modernized Diesel Generator Set, Water Cooled Generator, Air Cooled Generator, Gas Generator Set, Light Tower Generator, Trailer Diesel Generator, etc. Jet Power generator, generator, water-cooled generator, water-cooled generator, fuel gas generator, light tower generator, etc.
Economic type multi-year market development product, oral tradition.


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Jet Power Since 2002, it deals with the design, development, manufacture and sale of an extensive range of power equipment and electric motor, including electric motor (IEC UL and GOST standard), Alternator, water pump, outdoor power equipment and components, china single phase genset, Its major products comprise all kinds of Alternator, electric motor, water pump, gasoline generator set, diesel generator set, container and trailer generator set etc.


Jet Power has experienced rapid growth and currently a leading power equipment diesel generator manufacturer in China, at present, our products have been exported to more than 40 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. Our products are in very good graces in the market. The products are distributed through various channels of distribution, including retailers, wholesalers, specialized dealers and occasionally direct sales. Jet Power products enjoy much popularity and credibility. We Looking forward to a pleasant cooperation with you.


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Our company is located in areas with convenient transportation and developed economy.

Our products are supplied in a timely manner. In the course of business operation, we always focus on customers.

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