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Why does the diesel generator set suddenly stall?

Why does the diesel generator set suddenly stall?


When automatic flameout occurs, the speed gradually decreases, and there are no abnormalities in the sound of the diesel generator and the color of the exhaust smoke.

1.The main reason is that the diesel in the fuel tank has been used up, which may be because the fuel tank switch is turned on; or the vent hole of the fuel tank, the fuel filter and the fuel transfer pump are blocked; or the oil line is not sealed and air enters, causing "air lock" (before flameout) Accompanied by unstable speed) At this time, the low-pressure oil circuit should be checked. First, check whether the fuel tank, filter, fuel tank switch, and fuel transfer pump are blocked, lack of oil, or the switch is not turned on, etc., and then loosen the air on the fuel injection pump. screw, press the fuel pump button and observe the oil flow at the bleed screw. If no oil flows out, the oil circuit is blocked. If there are bubbles in the oil flowing out, air has entered the oil circuit. Segment check excluded.

2.When it turns off automatically, the operation is continuously unstable and there is an abnormal knocking sound. The main reasons are that the piston pin is broken, the crankshaft is broken, the connecting rod bolt is broken or loose, the valve circlip and valve locking piece fall off, the valve stem or valve spring is broken, causing the valve to fall off, etc. Once the diesel generator is found to be in such a situation when the unit is running, it must be stopped immediately for inspection to avoid causing a major mechanical accident. It can be sent to a professional maintenance point for a comprehensive inspection.

3.When the diesel generator automatically stalls, the speed will slowly decrease, the operation will be unstable, and white smoke will emit from the exhaust pipe.The main reasons are that there is water in the diesel, the cylinder gasket is damaged, or the automatic pressure reduction is damaged, etc. It is necessary to replace the cylinder gasket and adjust the pressure reducing mechanism.

4.There was no abnormality before automatic flameout, then suddenly flameout.The main reasons are that the plunger or the injector needle is stuck, the plunger spring or compression spring is broken, the fuel injection pump control rod and its connecting pin fall off, and the fixing bolts of the fuel injection pump drive shaft and the drive plate are loose, and there is a problem on the shaft. The key is cut flat due to looseness, causing the drive shaft or drive plate to slip, making the drive shaft unable to drive the fuel injection pump.

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