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JET POWER Brand show in Pakistan

JET POWER Brand show in Pakistan


On May 16, 2017, POGEE, the 15th International Oil, Gas and Energy Exhibition in Pakistan, opened at Lahore Expo Center in Lahore city. Fuzhou Jet Electric Machinery CO., Ltd Is invited to participate in the exhibition, and shows diesel generator set, gasoline generator set etc.  

POGEE is a comprehensive exhibition and trade fair for electric, oil and gas machinery, technology and solar energy equipments etc in Pakistan, providing a rare exchange platform for the electric industry in Pakistan and throughout central and Middle East countries. 

In this exhibition, diesel generator set has been a strong interest and attention of the exhibitors, especially various power range use in places without connection to a power grid, or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, or more complex applications, such construction sites, propulsion systems and navigation...ect. This kind of equipment is matching the demands of domestic market, and they went to the exhibition, the purpose of seeking better generator sets, to improve their competitiveness, later they will arrange time to our diesel generator factory in-depth investigation reached a cooperation.

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