Why do diesel generators have not normal operation

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
Abnormal running state ( 1) Caused by external short circuit of stator winding current, temperature, insulation aging ( 2) Due to load generator rated capacity, such as more than the three-phase symmetrical overload: temperature, insulation aging ( 3) Due to external caused by asymmetric short circuit or asymmetric load of generator negative sequence current and overload: induction of 100 hz frequency doubling in the rotor current, can make the rotor local burn or make loose ring is heated, major accidents caused by generator. In addition, cause the vibration of the diesel generator of 100 hz. By strengthening the diesel injector failure analysis and troubleshooting, work can effectively reduce the failure rate of diesel generators. Fuel injector failure will directly lead to the diesel engine work is not normal, but not all the fault of diesel engine caused by fuel injector. Therefore, the fuel injector failure judgment should be careful, do not rush to overhaul of injectors, undermining the processing and assembling accuracy. In addition, to reduce the fuel injector failure and prolong the service life of the injector, on a regular basis to do a good job of repair and maintenance of fuel injector, oil test, assembly clockwise valve matching parts must be replaced in pairs. Pay attention to the different models with different specifications of the injector needle valve couple, at the same time pay attention to the overall maintenance of diesel engine fuel system. ( 4) Overvoltage caused by sudden load rejection of the stator winding: large inertia generator speed control system, when a sudden load rejection, over voltage may occur, causing the generator winding insulation breakdown. ( 5) Due to the excitation circuit fault or strong excitation time is too long and cause of rotor winding load: ( 2) Because of the cylinder liner piston parts for replacement of new parts, such as this first can rule out the possibility of in cylinder pressure is insufficient; Check the admission passage, by properly sealed and inlet flow, inlet resistance normal work of the turbocharger is also normal. And the cause of the problem can be set in the fuel oil supply system. After rule out the possibility of the oil plug, can preliminary judgment error produced in fuel injector. Adopted when fuel injector repair personnel, adjusting the torque method, but USES the average torque wrench in a wide range of torque adjustment. This will produce larger error, injector torque value with the specified value is large, and the fuel injector torque value, uneven diesels don't work properly. ( 6) Due to steam turbine main valve closed suddenly generator reverse power: when the machine furnace protection actions or speed control circuit fault and some that are caused by generator into motor operation, the generator will absorb active power from the system, namely the reverse power.
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