Why diesel generator will not start up

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
Small diesel generator can't fire, start up. 1, first check the engine oil ( Diesel) Is new, if not new, with more than three months before, need to put the oil ( Diesel) Pour out to change. ( Because the oil ( Diesel) Valid for only three months, more than three months of the oil ( Diesel) Already lost viscosity, no effect. Check the ECU for electricity, without electricity must start. There is a more important problem is that the types of the oil pump system has two PCV valve, the valve position if inserted inside out, also won't start, and it's not the fault code, so firstly identify the mark line, marked by flywheel shell surface. If tags have fall off, it will be two plugs change it one more try, can start that is caused by the PCV valve. 2, small generator engine oil is filled with, if there is no full generator is also not dozen don't fire start. More than 3, if have reached, then look at the spark plug is lighter, if you don't strike a light, the spark plug removed any gasoline in mount, see if the generator of the fire, if the lighter to start up.
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