Why choose in the producing process of diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
In our modern life, the power and is already become an integral part of survival, power generation method at the same time, also is many and varied. But since there are so many power generation method, why should we choose diesel generator set? The following we will look at the diesel generating sets with the advantages in using! one First single capacity of diesel generator set and from a few kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, on the basis of its usefulness and load conditions, choice of big capacity category, have the advantage of utility in a variety of load capacity. Acceptance of diesel generating set as an emergency and standby power supply, can accept one or more units, the installed capacity according to the actual demand sensitive equipment. two Diesel generating sets of form a complete set of equipment is simple, for equipment is less, small volume, light weight, with high speed diesel engine as an example, common in the 820 kg/KW, and the steam power plant more than four times larger than the target of a diesel engine. Due to the feature of diesel generator set, make its sensitive and convenient, easy to move. Used as an independent power supply diesel generator set of main power supply to accept more independent equipment method, and the standby or emergency diesel generator set common used together with the variable distribution equipment. Because ordinary diesel generating set and the city power grid parallel operation, at the same time, the unit does not demand is full of water' Diesel engine cooling water consumption of 3482 l/( 千瓦。 h) , is only 1/10 of the turbo-generator set 】 And cover an area of an area small, thus the installation place of the more sensitive unit. 3. The effective heat of diesel engine to 30% 46%, high pressure steam turbine is 20% 40%, with 20% gas turbine & bull; 30%, can see through the effective heat of diesel engine to obey is relatively high, so the fuel cost is low.
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