What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for light tower generators?
The figure is around 1/5 to 1/3 of the total. This mainly depends on the production technology. It is notable that FUZHOU JET ELECTRIC MACHINERY CO., LTD has been decreasing the proportion regarding the cost of material to the total figure. When the business was just founded, the proportion was much larger. This is because at that time, the technology in the whole industry was backward. Having developed for so many years, our technology is mature and we can control the cost of light tower generators well. We also import advanced production equipment to increase the output while reducing the input. This also makes results. We are sure that the cost would be further reduced in the near future, in the context that the industry is developing rapidly and our company is leading the industry development.
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Doing excellent since its inception, Jet Power is a reliable and reputable gas generator set manufacturer in the rapidly developing industry. gasoline engine produced by Jet Power is very popular in the market. The product can switch very quickly from emitting light to not doing so. Even a small amount of energy is sufficient to make the semiconductor emit light. Apart from our high quality products, Jet Power wins the trust of our customers with thoughtful and meticulous service.
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Safety is our top priority. We aim to sustain the highest standards of product, process, and occupational safety throughout our whole business.

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