What is the performance of the diesel generator set exhaust turbine system

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
Diesel generator exhaust turbocharging system: is the most common unit operators usual turbocharged unit. No mechanical contact, actually the supercharger and the unit it belongs to the air compressor, air inflow obtained by compressed air. It is the use of engine exhaust from inertial force to push the turbine indoor turbine, turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, the impeller pressure feed mainly through air filter pipeline transport air, and then a pressurization followed into the cylinder. When the engine speed faster, emission and misfortune wheel speed synchronization also increased fast, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, air pressure and density increase can burn more fuel, a corresponding increase in fuel quantity can increase the output power of engine. Diesel generating sets and generator is not a concept, diesel generating set is engine, generator and a combination of control cabinet, and the composition of diesel generator set leads to a lot of quality brands appear, so choose diesel generating sets need attention. Diesel generating set is generally as standby power of the enterprises and institutions, and as a standby power supply not only diesel generating sets, there are many other species, and we are most of the enterprises and institutions to choose diesel generating set is because of its many benefits, different environments have different model machine configuration to choose from, with mobile, mute, have different power and so on. And the funds required for the configuration a diesel generating set is small, the cost is not high, so will get the most use the unit's favorite. In general, equipped with exhaust gas turbocharger after a 20% increase engine power and torque & ndash; 30%. But exhaust turbocharger technology also has its place, must pay attention to the pump impeller and turbine are connected by a shaft, and rotor, exhaust from diesel generators of the drive pump impeller, pump wheel turns the turbine, a turbine after pressurized air intake system. Turbocharger installed on the exhaust side of the engine, so the working temperature of the supercharger is very high, and the supercharger rotor speed at work is very high, can achieve the similar RPM, high rotation speed and temperature makes common mechanical needle or ball bearing cannot work for the rotor, so the whole floating bearing widely used turbocharger, the engine oil for lubrication, and cooling liquid cooling for the supercharger diesel generators.
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