What is the definition of a diesel generator power system voltage regulator

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
Recent dozen years, introducing differential geometry nonlinear control system, the application of the theory of nonlinear multivariable excitation controller design, adopted covering big interference and small perturbation nonlinear model of dynamic process of electric power system, and the power system on the basis of the principle of differential geometry is described as a standard simulation of nonlinear system, at the same time under certain conditions, the control law expression does not contain the network parameters. This kind of nonlinear controller can effectively improve the power system under the condition of large disturbance and small signal stability, and adapt to changes in the different kinds of power system operation mode and has good robustness to changes in network parameters ( Robust) 。 In addition, for system control law is distributed, the controller's input on the face side are measurable, so easy to implement. 1. Power system voltage regulator of the traditional excitation voltage regulator AVR keeping the generator voltage is constant as the target to control, if the system voltage drop caused by the failures of transmission lines, will cause the increase of reactive power losses in the system, and thus the system voltage stability. Due to the increase of the refrigeration and heat preservation equipment in modern production and living, the load has a nearly constant power voltage characteristic, at the same time, because the city power supply system of the cable, when long distance transmission by mains voltage drops apparently, therefore sought to maintain the main system voltage stability is very important. Can improve and maintain the power system voltage to a certain value, a new type of power system voltage regulator PSVR ( PowerSystemVoltageRegulator) 。 PSVR for short. Its basic principle is based on power system voltage until the parameters of generator excitation control AVR pressure regulating system, make the generator output higher compensation for the influence of transmission line pressure drop on the power system. This technology has applied in the modern power system.
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