What is the cause of the diesel generator connecting rod bearing sound?

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
Below for everyone to introduce diesel generator connecting rod bearing sound reasons. Fault phenomena: 1, a lighter than crankshaft bearing percussion, ease and short & other; Dang, dang & throughout; Sound. When idle noise small; When medium speed is more obvious; When sudden acceleration, the tapping is growing. 2, diesel engine load increases, the sound has been increased. 3, diesel engine temperature changes, sound does not change. 4, after the fire, noise can significantly weaken or disappear. Cause analysis: 1, the connecting rod bearing or journal wear nothing, cause the radial clearance is too large; Connecting rod bearing alloy burned or fall off; Fixed of connecting rod bearing cap is loose or broken. 2, low oil pressure, or oil metamorphism; The crankshaft connecting rod journal of oil blockage.
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