What is generators running at full capacity

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
Diesel generator to run what restrictions limit according to the synchronous motor, generator operation limit diagram is restricted by the following aspects: the temperature rise of generator stator winding ( The apparent power) Limit, exciting winding temperature rise ( The field current) Limit, limit rated active power generator, generator stator end temperature rise and static stability limit, etc. 1: voltage, frequency changes within the permitted range 2: motor & gt; Accident overload ability 3: power factor in the late phase 0. 85-0. 95, automatic excitation regulation allow power factor to 1 4: not to carry on the temperature rise test, run 5: do not allow more than nameplate data into phase operation, should be consistent with into 6: running condition defect machine, furnace without affecting the operation unit 7: main transformer temperature rise within the permitted 8: what restrictions system stability requirements according to the synchronous motor '& gt; Generator running limit diagram shows limited by the following aspects: motor '& gt; The generator stator winding temperature rise ( The apparent power) Limit, exciting winding temperature rise ( The field current) 'restrictions, motor & gt; Generator rated active power limit, motor '& gt; Generator stator end temperature rise and static stability limit, etc. 9. When the diesel engine oil temperature reaches 45 ℃, water temperature reached 65 ℃, oil pressure at the required range, diesel engines are allowed to turn people run at full capacity. When the water temperature does not exceed 90 ℃, the difference in temperature between inlet and outlet should be no more than 20 ℃. 10. is running, the oil temperature should be in ( 82 ~ 107) ℃, at full capacity, the oil temperature reaches 108 ℃ short time don't panic, but, the oil temperature increased suddenly, if it weren't for the load increase, it indicates there is likely to be mechanical failure, should be checked immediately. In the cooling water temperature, 74 ~ 91) ℃ between the ideal, the expansion of the diesel engine working parts are uniform, to obtain the best oil film clearance. If the diesel engine cooling fluid, the highest temperature should not exceed 93 ℃. The rotational speed of diesel engine, as a result of all diesel generators equipped with a governor in order to prevent the faster than highest rated speed and rated speed. The governor has the effect of two aspects: (1) when the throttle position in idle speed, needed to supply diesel engine idle oil; (2) when the diesel generators rotating speed exceeds the highest rated speed, crossed the throttle and cut off the fuel supply. All kinds of diesel engine the highest rated speed. Usually the use of the diesel engine rotating speed should be lower than the highest rated speed, as shown in the nameplate. Adjusts the speed of the diesel generator set is in advance, to make it work under rules regulating speed.
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