What is called frequency adjustment generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
Frequency adjustment, also known as frequency control, it is in the power system to maintain active power balance between supply and demand of the main measures, its fundamental purpose is to ensure that the frequency of power system stability. Power system the main method is to adjust the power frequency adjustment and load management. According to the adjusting range and adjustment ability is different, frequency adjustment can be divided into primary frequency control, secondary frequency modulation and frequency modulation three times. Power system frequency adjustment is an important part of the electricity market. Regulating principle of directly using the generator prime mover governor features FM, called a frequency adjustment. It does not require automatic frequency adjustment device, also don't have to manually adjust, but, big when the system load changes in the frequency range will exceed the prescribed scope. In actual operation, therefore, supplemented by secondary frequency adjustment, by manual or automatic device to move the location of the speed regulation system characteristic curve, frequency adjustment. In large power system, in order to avoid appeared in the process of frequency modulation instability phenomenon for a long time or frequency, shall specify the main frequency adjustment factory and auxiliary frequency factory. Main frequency adjustment factory is responsible for the whole system of secondary frequency, typically choose to have 1 ~ 2 hydroelectric plant to undertake adjustment ability. Auxiliary frequency adjust the factory only after more than a specified offset range to adjust the work frequency, usually by a handful of low frequency of the power plant. Large capacity, runoff hydropower station with high efficiency power plant, nuclear power plants base load, frequency adjustment will not be involved. Power system frequency change on users, power plants and electricity equipment will produce adverse effect, so must be kept in the rating of 50 hz frequency fluctuation, and the migration does not exceed a certain range. Power system frequency changes, the impact on the users by the following aspects: 1, the user USES the motor speed is related to the system frequency, frequency change will cause the change of the motor speed, thus affecting the quality of the products. 2, the system frequency instability will affect the normal work of the electronic equipment. 3 the main plant, power plants with mechanical equipment, such as fan and collapse in lower frequency, can supply air volume and water will quickly reduce, influence the normal operation of the boiler. 4, low frequency operation will increase the pressure turbine blade, cause the resonance of blades, shorten the service life of blade, and even make the blade fracture. 5, low frequency is run, the generator of the ventilation rate will be reduced, in order to maintain normal voltage, increase excitation current requirements, increase the temperature rise of generator jingse and rotor, in order not to surpass temperature limits, had to lower electricity generators. 6, the low frequency is run, due to the magnetic flux density increases, the core loss and excitation current transformer will be increased. In order not to surpass temperature limits, had to reduce the transformer load. 7, reduce the frequency, the system of the reactive power load will increase, lead to a decrease in the level of system voltage from the son. Anyway, because of all the equipment is according to the system's rated frequency setting, a drop in the quality of the system frequency will affect all walks of life. What and when frequency is too low, can make the whole system collapsed.
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