What are the process of the development of diesel generators

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
Diesel generators which according to records, the process of the history of diesel engine technology development than slow before 1914, during the first world, because of the war the need of the diesel engine to start mass production, used for military purposes. The history of diesel engine diesel generator really widely used is around 1950. Gul Dana produced two stroke diesel engines, he put the same diameter of the four-stroke diesel engine power increased by 60% ~ 80%. Two-stroke diesel engine is of simple structure, low cost, but the higher consumption of fuel oil and lubricating oil, cooling, durability is poorer, it is difficult and difficult to produce larger engine power, so today actually use the power of the bigger of the two is four stroke diesel engine. The world's first generator is in 1831 by the British physicist Michael & middot; Faraday's invention. Faraday was found in the experiment, when the magnet moves in the coil, the coil will generate an electric current, which all of us today known as the electromagnetic induction phenomenon. Shortly after the Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction phenomenon, convenient electricity induction principle invented the world's first generator, namely Faraday disk generator. The generator structure is different from modern generators, moving not coil in the magnetic field, but a made of red copper plate. Origin and fixed a crank, the edge of the disc and the origin with a brass brush against each, with a wire brush with the ammeter connected; Copper plate placed in the magnetic field of the horseshoe magnet. When the Faraday rotation handle the copper disk when it is spinning the ammeter pointer to one side, it shows that the continuous current in the circuit. This is Faraday developed the world's first generator. The Faraday had performed his generator in the royal society. At that time, there was a lady asked Faraday, & other; What's the use of the art? ” Faraday very politely replied, & other; Madam, newborn baby again have what use? ” This wonderful answer is praised by all of us. Power equipment ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD will always strictly follow the global manufacturing quality system standards, using the world's leading design and manufacturing technology, the implementation of six sigma quality improvement, is committed to global customers with high quality diesel generating sets products. Always adhere to the customer oriented management concept, adhere to the leading NG - MES manufacturing execution system, adhere to the user to provide global outstanding product for the enterprise goals. The & other; Three insist throughout the &; Will is a typical text of the diesel generator set industry product, the brand of choice for emergency power users. • NG - ahead MES manufacturing execution system, realize the real-time automatic assembly mistake proofing and production data record & bull; Advanced machining, assembly technology & bull; Key assembly procedure done by robots or robot & bull; Advanced AVL experimental bench with a kinetic energy recovery module & bull; Totally enclosed air conditioning workshop, micro positive pressure design to ensure that the product processing and assembly precision
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