What are the function generator multivariate composite controller

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
Abroad in recent 10 years, based on modern control theory in the multivariate linear optimal controller development aspect, has achieved rapid development. Generator is developed multivariable integrated controller, referred to as TAGEC ( TotalAutomaticGenerationController) 。 TAGEC integrated controller is designed to make the generator excitation and governing control system set in one body. Traditional control mode is the reactive power generator controlled by excitation regulator, and to control the active power by the governor. Considering the mechanical governor's own inertia time constant is bigger, therefore in the active power onset of oscillation, greater use of generator excitation control, and speed regulation system failed to timely adjust. In recent years because of the speed regulation system of digitization, the inertial time constant has been greatly reduced, thus directly by speed regulation system for inhibiting active power oscillation. TAGEC integrated controller based on modern control theory of linear square integral LQI ( LinerQuadraticIntegral) Bias to a minimum as performance index, is used to design the integrated controller. In conventional single variable excitation regulator, many with generator voltage deviation as feedback control, and speed governor for speed variation as a control volume, the two feedback deviation value is separate. In TAGEC integrated controller, its amount of feedback including state variables of generator, electric power, current, magnetic field, magnetic flux, speed, power Angle and prime mover state variables, such as mechanical torque. In addition to power system state variables as the amount of feedback. The main function of this system characteristic is: ( 1) The system is based on modern control theory of multivariable control system; ( 2) Comprehensive control of excitation and governor; ( 3) When running state changes greatly, controller is calculated in advance starting motor internal state and adapted to run the gain value. Has a good robustness; ( 4) But considering the dynamic characteristics of electric power system regulating function; ( 5) With judgment and handling start-up, stop and load rejection process control functions; ( 6) With functions of failure protection device failure; ( 7) In the event of a system accidents records in the transient process of the generator state quantity changes; ( 8) Multimachine system also has good control performance. Self-test function at the same time, the switch can automatically when a hardware failure.
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