To judge the fault diagnosis of diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Diagnosis of diesel generator set starter don't start failure phenomenon of diesel generating set: 1, through to the ignition switch, starter not turn; 2, drive gear on the starter don't mesh; 3, drive gear on the starter does not release; 4, engine starting speed is not enough, the rotation is not uniform, Possible reasons: 1, the battery charging obviously lack; 2, battery connector loose; 3, loose battery grounding line; 4, starting circuit impassability. 5, the electromagnetic relay armature adhesion; 6, the starter itself fault; 7, starter drive gear and the engine flywheel ring gear binding; 8, starter drive gear and bearing adhesion; 9, starter with fixed engine; Engine failure and the elimination method: 1, check whether the battery is enough, if it is charging, charging should be taken; Replace the battery when necessary; 2, good battery terminal and connector; 3, fix battery grounding line; 4, check the starting circuit, make place fire starter terminal; 5, check the starter electromagnetic relay, eliminate electromagnetic relay failures; When starting should be able to clearly hear the sound of the electromagnetic relay and disconnect the absorption; 6, check and repair starter; 7, starting afresh, fly starter drive gear and the engine rotation meshing gear position; 8 and maintenance starter starting shaft end bearing; 9, starter motor torque is not enough, if necessary, replace the starter. 10, maintenance engine, the engine is in normal operation.
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