The working principle of the mechanical timing adjusting mechanism

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Mechanical timing adjusting mechanism ( MVT device) Used to control the engine exhaust pollution. It according to engine load change the fuel injection timing, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling exhaust pollution. Fuel injection timing is by changing friends with movable arm position on the camshaft. Mechanical timing adjusting mechanism of actuator is a control injector with movable arm movement of pneumatic cylinder, as shown in figure 3 - 20. Actuator shaft gear lever with a servo arm shaft gear mesh. When the actuator piston rising or falling, actuator shaft through the gear shaft rotation servo arm. In between with shaking arm and injector follower is equipped with eccentric bushings and servo arm with fastening screw fastening on the servo arm shaft, with the rotation of the movable arm shaft change the position of the servo arm on the camshaft, so as to change the fuel injection timing. Mounted on the actuator electromagnetic valve control the compressed air in and out of the actuator. Circuit switch according to the engine fuel pressure or load change to connect or cut off the solenoid valve. Drive actuator air supplied by the vehicle's air storage tanks. starting, the vehicle's air pressure is lower than 551 kpa, actuator spring plunger in its lower position, fuel injection timing lags behind at this time. When more than 551 kpa pressure vehicle air system, air pressure drive column line, the fuel injection timing in advance, then the air pressure to keep plunger in the high position ( Injection in advance) Until 25% rated load diesel generators. Once it reached about 25% of the rated load, the electric control pressure switch to close the solenoid valve. Electromagnetic valve once closed, actuator air source is cut off, acting on the column strongholds in air is less than 551 kpa, spring push the plunger downward, delayed injection. From 25% to full load, the diesel generators with small injection increase the Angle of operation. With mechanical timing adjustment of the structure of the NTC type diesel engine, has made some changes on design, three CAM follower arm cover with spline coupling together. Three servo arm cover must be put into an assembly, share a gasket, instead of separately in three gasket. Should be with in the mechanical timing adjustment structure of special CAM shaft, the actuators on the regulating sleeve of fuel injection timing, no longer use the method of add and subtract servo arm cover gasket. Should note: do not try to adjust the mechanical timing adjusting mechanism to increase the engine fuel injection advance continuous operation, such not only can't improve the engine power, it may actually increase the engine emission. In more than 25% of the rated speed engine speed continuous operation, increase injection in advance will make the high stress and damage the engine.
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