The work principle of diesel generator of ventilation device is what

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
Working principle of diesel generator ventilation first, diesel generators in operation in the process of waste gas, acid, sulfide, rich in a lot of these gases have strong corrosion effects on the generator parts; In addition, the waste gas will result in higher diesel generators of the pressure in the crankcase, undermining generator sealing effect, finally led to the generator oil spill. Mentioned here the role of the crankcase ventilation device of generator is take out the gas from the crankcase timely, ensure the normal order of the generator lubrication system of lubrication, prolong the service life of engine oil, prevent leakage occurs, keep the generator parts from corrosion. In order to extend the use of lubricating oil, reducing wear and corrosion of the parts, prevent oil, diesel engine crankcase ventilation device must be used. Crankcase ventilation method has two kinds: one is to use caused by the mechanical operation and fan air flow, making the trachea outlet connected to the crankcase formed certain vacuum degree, thus the gas extraction crankcase, the ventilation way, called natural ventilation; The second is to use diesel engine intake pipe vacuum effect, make the air in the crankcase is sucked out into the cylinder of the so-called forced ventilation method. So, the work principle of diesel generator of crankcase ventilation device? There are two main ways: first is the crankcase vent design by direct and atmosphere are interlinked; Is another kind of diesel generator design of crankcase vent connected to the inlet pipe of the generator, diesel generator inside the crankcase of gas generator inside the cylinder of inhaled, thereby to burn again, this way is called a forced ventilation. Therefore suspected crack in cylinder or cylinder head, hence the inspection on cylinder head and cylinder block. After careful inspection, found that the cylinder on the left side of the valve push rod indoor water block has a small hole, obviously, because those wall corrosion is serious, led to the punch. But because the pore size is small, only operate at a high speed diesel engine, the water leakage is larger, and operation of diesel engine temperature is higher, so most of the cooling fluid into water vapor into the crankcase; In under the action of the positive crankcase ventilation equipment, water vapor from the air inlet channel is sucked into the combustion chamber, and within the valve cover and the supercharger compressed air condenses into a small amount of water within the tao, finally from the eduction in the exhaust pipe. Because the steam is less, so the discharge smoke color change is not obvious, but also difficult to see on the surface of the oil and oil lubricating oil change. From the crankcase ventilation mode of gas directly into the atmosphere are called natural ventilation. Diesel generator use the crankcase more natural ventilation mode. The gas from the crankcase import generator inlet pipe, suction cylinder combustion. Gasoline engine is generally adopt the positive crankcase ventilation way, this can be used to the mixture of recycling into the crankcase, is helpful to improve the economic benefit of the generator. Is the main purpose of the ventilation in order to better guarantee the normal work of the generator equipment and service life, therefore, must be the ventilation focus on generator power remind everybody, the engine of daily inspection in the process of using and maintenance, is the safe operation of diesel generator set to build an environment that is best.
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