The use of the generator and some matters needing attention

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
The use and maintenance of battery note (1) after the battery discharge, should be in the shortest possible time to charge. (2) battery electrolyte should be higher than plate within 10 ~ 15 mm, otherwise it will damage the battery inside the plate. (3) after the battery charging, if do not use for a long time, should be added once a month. After using the diesel generator set, in winter to put battery recharged save between special charging. If not in charge of, should charge once a month on the diesel generator set. (4) the battery should be always kept clean and wash regularly exposed surface and the vent on the battery cover. 5. If you find battery isolation plate, panels or ventilation cover damage, to send to specialise in the shop for repair. Battery's physical appearance. 2. The points for attention during the summer to use diesel generators non-traumatic in high temperature weather, easy to produce diesel generators overheating phenomenon, its performance, fuel economy and lower working reliability. Therefore, in the hot weather must pay attention to the cleaning of the cooling system, improve the cooling effect. Scale had a greater influence on the cooling effect of cooling system, so strengthen the cleaning for improving the heat dissipation of diesel generators cooling system play a very important role. In addition, to dredge and irrigation water radiator holes, assure the firmness of drive belt; Pay attention to the performance of the thermostat, the cooling system of the sealing and the ventilation conditions of radiator cover vent.
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