The use of diesel generator set under the condition of low temperature

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
Everyone in due to causes such as natural, capital not enough electricity or sudden power failure cases appear a lot of problems, was no pipe, diesel generator is home now, Marine, hospital, travel, site, enterprises will not become less. In the case of the difference between diesel generator needs pay attention to use method and maintenance of diesel generator. Especially in some extreme cases, such as in the case of low temperature used in the diesel generator. Below will clarify for you the use of diesel generator set in high temperature conditions, should pay attention to matters. Before stall in idle running, stay down below 60 ℃, cooling water temperature is no hot water, remove water again. If the early loss of cooling water, the body will happen suddenly when the temperature is higher due to atmosphere snap-back, surface crack. When the temperature is less than. . . 4 ℃ degrees, must put off diesel engine cooling water in cooling water tank, because. . . 4 ℃ water can freeze when the volume increase, water cooling tank radiator increase because of the volume expansion and bad. Winter low temperature keep the diesel flow variation, viscosity increases, spray powder not easily, the formation of atomization, burning, the diesel engine power performance and economic function of land. So in lubricating oil at low temperature, should just choose thin viscosity, low solidifying point with life function good light diesel oil. General requirements, the freezing point of diesel engine should be lower than the local bone temperature 7 - after season 10℃。 Generator maintenance or failed to take the air filter, dip in with cotton oil lit into kindling in implementation of combustion starting in inlet pipe. Madly in starting by the dust air will not through the process of filter and directly to the cylinder, piston and cylinder and other parts wear very much, also can form diesel engine running, violations of the machine. So under the condition of low temperature, also needs frequently change air filter. Some operators to perhaps fast in low temperature starting diesel engine, often cited anhydrous starting ( After starting, first add cooling water) Starting method of disorders. This tension for mechanical damage, should be used. Precise preheating main point is: heat preservation quilt on the tank first, play the withered water valve, continuous injection 60 - to the tank 70 ℃ clean soft water, touch when flow of water out of water drain valve have hot feeling, and then close the drain valve and the cistern perfusion - 90 100 ℃ clean soft water, and turn the crankshaft, make each moving part get proper lubrication in advance, and then start again. Was burning diesel engine starting, some staff urgently to immediately load operation. Fire near diesel engine, due to the low body temperature, lubricating oil viscosity, oil is not easy the contradiction of contour, filling the motion pair will be provoked nervous wear machine. Other, plunger spring, valve spring and injector spring because & other; Cold short & throughout; Also easily break. So was burning diesel engine starting at low temperature, low to medium speed idling for a few minutes, such as cooling water temperature 60 ℃, appropriate or generator back into load management. At low temperature, make the diesel generator set runtime easily moderately cool. Hub of the heat preservation is a good diesel engine used in high temperature, so the application of diesel engine shall be equipped with thermal insulation and heat preservation shade and keep out the cold equipment.
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