The supercharger diesel generator failure how should solve

by:Jet Power     2020-12-01
The supercharger by-pass valve ( The supercharger pressure regulator) Adjusting spring failure, because the temperature was too high in the air bleed valve closes lax due to carbon deposit makes bypass valve failure, such as the low pressure boost water put out more gas, just supercharging pressure drops. Appear this kind of phenomenon of bypass valve for maintenance. The poor quality of cooling is the main cause of supercharger is overheating, diesel generator cooling medium for lubricating oil, lubricating oil cooling water through the heat exchanger to heat. Therefore, the main factors of poor oil cooling is low lubricating oil pressure, cooling water temperature too high. Into the size of the supercharger lubricating oil flow and temperature are main indexes to evaluate the quality of the supercharger cooling. Usually, the diesel engine full load at work, the supercharger lubricating pressure to zero. 35 ~ 0. 48 mpa, lubricating oil temperature is 100 ~ 116 ℃. To test the turbocharger. After inspection found that the turbocharger rotation is not flexible, bearing binding. Replace the assembly test, troubleshooting. The judge fault reason for bearing damage. By rotor type oil pump oil pressure lubrication and the crankshaft connecting rod and moving parts plash splash lubrication. Pressure lubrication of the object as the main bearing of crankshaft, connecting rod bearing, camshaft bearings and valve rocker arm mechanism of diesel engine accessories, such as high pressure oil pump, turbocharger also USES pressure lubrication. Through the main bearing of set above the piston cooling nozzle and jet with pressure of lubricating oil for piston cooling. Adopt the splash lubrication friction pair of piston and cylinder wall and piston pin, CAM tappet, gear transmission system, etc.
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