The structure of the diesel engine exhaust gas turbocharger

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
Actual exhaust turbocharger besides the air turbine compressor, also has support device. Sealing device, lubrication system and cooling system. exhaust turbine supercharger so although the model is different, but the basic structure is similar. Turbine is installed on the exhaust manifold flange at one end, the end is installed on the intake manifold air compressor. Fixed in the nameplate on the supercharger has part number, series number, type and other specifications. The supercharger structure as shown in figure 4 8. Turbine parts: by the turbine impeller, shaft, turbine shell parts, etc. Air compressor impeller is with locknut on gas turbine shaft, the rotating parts of the exhaust gas turbocharger is called the rotor. Support device: installed respectively in the middle crust near the air compressor and I talk about the bearings. Guard, thrust plate, etc. Support device makes the rotor reliably locate on the middle shell, qualified rotor at work in the axial and radial range. Seal: composed of oil seal assembly, air seal ring, etc. Compressor side sealing device is mainly sealing oil in the high pressure air and prevent compressor oil cavity into the compressor. The turbine end sealing device to prevent high temperature exhaust gas from entering the oil cavity, in order to ensure the oil quality. Lubrication system, cooling system: so KTTA diesel engine turbocharger are oil cooling and lubrication, oil circulation through the bearing shell. Supercharger USES floating bearing is: when the turbocharger speed of more than 4000 r/min, The turbocharger rated speed of 7300 r/min) , such as using the floating bearing ( Such as lubrication bearing) , the sliding speed between the shaft and bearing inner surface is quite high, bearing is easy to wear and tear, common sliding bearing is difficult to do. Using the floating bearing ( Figure 4 - 9) , made of pewter bearing in bearing shell, and within three support in shaft axis high-speed rotation. Between shaft and bearing, both by the gap between bearing and the bearing, has the pressure of lubricating oil from the upper bearing shell of tube joint into the bearing inner and outer space. In the process of diesel engine is running, in the bearing inner and outer clearance, in the process of diesel generators is running, in the inside and outside clearance of bearing are oil film formation, to play the role of a bearing. Floating bearing points all floating bearing and half floating bearing. Turn all floating bearing at a certain speed, while half floating bearing does not rotate, the bearing often adopts integral floating, its one end is square structure. In the same situation, half floating bearing the mechanical loss of small all over floating bearing. Floating bearing, compared with common sliding bearing with low temperature, low friction work, reliable operation, good vibration resistance, and the advantages of convenient disassembling and maintenance.
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