The specific use of diesel generators and classification have?

by:Jet Power     2020-11-26
The specific use of diesel generators is extremely widespread, it is mainly used for transport, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, mining, construction, shipbuilding and other important departments of national economy and military fields. The classification of the diesel generator: 1) According to the working principle of the internal combustion engine is divided into: piston internal combustion engine, gas turbine. 2) According to the fuel used by divided into: diesel generators, gasoline engine, gas engine, gas machine. 3) According to the working cycle is divided into: two stroke and four stroke. 4) According to the number of cylinder can be divided into: single cylinder machine, multi-cylinder machine. 5) Arrange fraction in the cylinder can be divided into: in-line, V type machine. 6) According to the air inlet can be divided into: the pressurization, pressurization. 7) Press fire mode is divided into: compression ignition, the ignition. 8) According to the rated speed can be divided into: high speed machine, medium-speed machine, low speed machine. 9) According to the purposes are divided into: fixed ( Such as power generation, drilling) , mobile ( Such as automobile, engineering machinery, ships, diesel engine) 。
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