The small details of diesel generator set orders

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
Need diesel generator set of customers to order through communication, we learned that some customers because of don't know much about the type of generating set, needed to provide order will ignore a few little detail, to cause the manufacturer delivery don't even send the wrong goods in a timely manner. So we are some tips for diesel generating sets the order of diesel generator set order generally should indicate the following content. (1) of the unit type, rated power, rated frequency, rated voltage, rated current, phase number, power factor and connection mode, etc. (3) for diesel engine, generator and control panel structure, performance, installation size requirements. (4) to the parallel requirement of the unit: buying multiple units at the same time, whether to ask parallel operation; For parallel, whether should also put forward a need to provide the necessary parallel measuring instrument g9 and device. (5) accessory equipment requirements for the unit: many domestic manufacturers the water cooling tank ( The radiator) , fuel tank, exhaust muffler, among other ancillary equipment, battery order when allowed to put forward the requirements of installation.
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