The shock absorber of generating set on how to check and repair

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
1. 1) rubber components shock absorber Check whether the shock absorber of metal parts and rubber components is cracks or other damage. 2) Check tag line in the damper hub and inertia components are aligned, as shown in figure 2 As shown in 81. If you don't at bright appearance, deviation is greater than 1. 29 mm, the shock absorber should be scrapped. 3) Check whether inertial components and wheel alignment. Elements of plane and the installation of the hub surface must be aligned, deviation should be 0. Within 63 mm. 4) Inertial element diameter must be concentric with the wheel hub guide holes, the deviation should be less than zero. 76毫米( 0. 030in) 。 2. Viscosity building inspection and repair of 1) Check whether there is shock absorber installation flange in crack, as shown in figure 2 - As shown in 82. To check whether there is concave or convex damper hub on the body, if the parts damaged must be replaced. 2) - find out shock absorber tag, as shown in figure 2 As shown in 83. If it were printed on the shock absorber & other; The British system & throughout; ( By Holset company) , should record the production date and code. Such as: code & other; A - 05' Said in January 2005, manufacturing; “ B - 05' Said in February 2005, manufacturing; “ C - 02' Said in March 2002. So on. 3. Measuring the thickness of the shock absorber X1) Scrape on the surface of the shock absorber on both sides of the four arrow position of paint, as shown in figure 2 As shown in 84. Note: in addition to the paint can not use rough cloth or knife, should use a cleaning solvent or gauze. Shock absorber thickness is measured with a micrometer in these four position X, click on the march from outside diameter measurement. 18 mm. 2) If the position of any two position thickness difference more than 0. 25 mm should be scrapped. 4. Check the shock absorber liquid leakage 1) The crack detection imaging liquid ( Crack detection, including check crack the required amount of cleaning agent, penetrating agent imaging agent) Rolling lip injection to the shock absorber. 2) Shock absorber is placed within the temperature of 93 ℃ oven, should be shock absorber of rolling lip when put down to the bottom of the oven, keep the 2 h in furnace, check for fluid flow in rolling lip, such as found that liquid leakage, must change the shock absorber.
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