The selection of diesel generators

by:Jet Power     2020-12-02
A oil, diesel oil, the selection of operating personnel before using diesel generating set, should be used according to the specific environment and conditions, choose appropriate specifications of the engine oil, diesel oil and coolant. Selection of oil, water or other quality and physical and chemical indicators of the cooling fluid or not, appropriate for diesel engine has a great impact on the mechanical properties and service life. 1. The selection of diesel engine could be selected according to the different environment temperature and different type of diesel. In a hot climate more areas can choose high solidifying point of light diesel oil; For colder regions must choose the light diesel oil with low freezing point. The impurities in diesel oil and water as little as possible, otherwise easy cause diesel filter cartridge jam phenomenon in a blend oil filter and oil transfer pump, a hard mechanical impurities in diesel oil may also cause the fuel injection pump and injector internal precision components appear early wear, serious when still can cause diesel engine & other Speed & throughout; The accident. Than using diesel engine of diesel oil solidifying point generally to control in the lowest low environmental temperature around 10 ℃ when, to ensure that diesel oil in the pipeline of liquidity. Whether imported or domestic diesel engine under the general environment temperature, when using diesel generators using diesel oil must be clean, had better do precipitation processing before use or use the silk filtering to remove mechanical impurities in diesel oil. 2. The selection of engine oil is the function of lubrication oil the moving parts and diesel engine cooling radiator, take exercise for these parts due to friction effect of impurities and prevent rusting. the level and quality of oil used in addition to the influential to diesel engine, also has certain influence on service life of engine oil. To this end, the user should be used according to the model of diesel engine and the environment to choose the appropriate specifications such as oil. In general, turbocharged diesel engine and the calibration speed is greater than 2000 r/min diesel engine should choose CC grade engine oil; For the naturally aspirated model and calibration speed is less than 2000 r/min of diesel engine oil level should choose CA. In short, whatever work in any environment of diesel engine, engine oil must have good liquidity and proper motion viscosity. When the diesel engine used in cold region, must choose special thick mechanism for oil solidifying point lower. The current domestic use of engine oil specification is CA level and L - ECC. L - ECC grade engine oil products including 30, 40, 5 w / 30, lOW / 30, 40, 20 w / 40 l5W/level, such as 30 oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature 0 ℃, 40 oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature 5 ℃, SW / 30 oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature - 20 ℃, 10 w / 30 oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature - 15 ℃, I5W/oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature - 40 L0C, 20 w / 40 oil is suitable for the lowest environment temperature - 5 ℃. Not less than the CF4 / SGl5W - requires the use of diesel engine 40 standard oil; CD and CE oil are forbidden to use on the diesel engine. need replacing internal oil sump, the application of clean diesel will join the new engine oil lubrication system again after cleaning. Note: different type of oil is not allowed to mix.
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