The premise of diesel generating sets can work normally

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
The premise of diesel generating sets can work normally. To meet the effect of noise reduction at the same time, diesel generating sets of engine room ventilation requirements must be considered, because the diesel generator set runtime needs a lot of fresh air, must be designed and can meet the requirements of engine room ventilation duct, a lot of noise from intakes and exhaust duct spread to the outside of the room. Design reasonable intakes and the exhaust duct is an important link in reducing noise, diesel generating sets of intake and exhaust duct adopt folding brick duct, a special intake silencer and exhaust muffler, lumen device sound-absorbing materials and perforated sound-absorbing board, at the same time in order to ensure the unit can normal run according to the rated power for a long time, the outlet and inlet of the unit must be in accordance with the requirements of the unit using the reserved enough exhaust area, exhaust pipe of the unit with low noise axial flow fan, to ensure room have enough ventilation rate, is expected to reduce the noise is 25 - through the above methods 30 dba。 Exhaust noise is the main noise sources of the unit, the use of two secondary dead muffler series, is expected to reduce the TL = 30 - 40 dba, on the other hand, the exhaust pipe connection must be sealed performance is good, part of the noise through the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere. To prevent the unit for a long time after the operation, room temperature rise, affect the output power of the unit, the unit of waste gas exhaust and smoke exhaust muffler for heat insulation and heat preservation processing.
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