The maintenance of diesel generator set need to be aware of several elements

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
Maintenance of diesel generator set of points to note: 1, when some users in the diesel filter care, even put it away. 2, some users will diesel filter tray and the location of the spring. Missing filter oil seal rubber washer and cover up and down, make the diesel without filter filtration, and from the gaps between the filter and filter cover into the filter chamber without resistance, lose diesel filter filtration purification effect. Make the diesel filter in and out of the oil hole on the cover is in open state, cannot get diesel filter and directly into the fuel injection pump. 3, when someone is in the remaining diesel filter. Found its internal and filter special clean without any impurities and moisture, open after the filter. That the use of diesel is very clean. Little imagine, this is an illusion, as a result of the cartridge filter material of osteoporosis, which is caused by excessive pore when the filter paper was never played a filter function. If in use process, find three big precision coupling of diesel generators fuel system vice wear serious, especially on plug could be caused by inferior filter.
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