The main points of the need to pay attention to when using a generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
A preparation of diesel generator, diesel generator start before each in front of the boot must check whether the tank diesel engine cooling water or antifreeze is satisfied, such as lack to fill up. Pull out the oil oil gauge to check the lubricating oil is lack, such as lack of shall be added to the rules & other Static throughout the &; Scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts for XXX hidden dangers, such as found that failure to timely elimination to boot. Second, it is forbidden to load to start the diesel generator before start to pay attention to the output of the generator air switch must be in the closed position. Ordinary generators diesel engine starts after 3 - 5 minutes of idle work ( Around 700 r/min) Low temperature in winter, the idle running time to extend a few minutes. starts the first thing to observe whether the oil pressure is normal and abnormal phenomenon such as any oil leakage, leakage, ( Under normal circumstances the oil pressure must be 0. More than 2 mpa) If discovery is unusual to stop immediately. If there is no abnormal phenomena will increase diesel engine speed to the rated speed 1500 RPM, the generator according to frequency 50 hz, voltage 400 v, output can be closed by the air switch. Generators are not allowed to run idle for a long time. ( Because of long time running light can make diesel engine nozzle jet cannot complete combustion of diesel fuel in carbon deposition, valve, piston ring, a flat. ) If it is automatic generating set, do not need to idle running, because automation units are equipped with water heater, make the diesel engine cylinder body have stayed at about 45 ℃, diesel generators starts at eight Normal sending 15 seconds. Three, it is strictly prohibited to diesel generating sets with load down before each downtime, must first cut off the load step by step, and then shut down the generator output air switch, the diesel engine running 3 - slowed to idle state Stop again in 5 minutes.
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