The length of the generating set life depends on whether it is right to use

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
The length of the generating set life not only to the usual scientific and regular maintenance, correct use at ordinary times also has a lot to do. When generating set run load also has exquisite. Generator set before running load should be well the following preparation: 1: after the success of the diesel generator start no-load voltage 400 v, frequency 50 hz, three-phase voltage deviation for balance. Voltage from 400 v is too big, 47 hz or higher than 52 hz frequency is lower than dealing with diesel generator to run the inspection maintenance can load; 2: in the radiator coolant should be in a saturated state, the temperature of the cooling fluid in more than 60 degrees Celsius can switch with load, should run load from the load slowly increase law operation; 3: the oil level, within the prescribed scale line starts oil pressure not less than 0. 2MPA; 4: the engine air filter pollution warning sign should be green, if red before running load to replace the new air filter; 5: generator has the strong effective grounding, cable connection secure right no broken skin phenomenon; 6: generator air switch points freely flexible, air switch capacity should be close to the generator current size and effective protection; 7: the last the most simple is also very important link, diesel generators with sufficient quantity of diesel oil tank for generator load operation.
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