The installation of other parts of a diesel engine

by:Jet Power     2020-11-28
After removed diesel engine of the equipment on the shelf, before and after installation to the diesel engine bracket, to install the following components: 1. Exhaust manifold install 1) It says on the exhaust manifold gasket & other; 0UT( A) ” On one side of the toward the cylinder head. 2) Screw to 54 ~ 61 n & middot; m。 2. The piston cooling nozzle to the piston cooling nozzle 0 washer with diesel ( 0 ring not dipped into the oil) Into the slot, and then the nozzle into the cylinder block. Tighten the slotted screw torque for 7 ~ 11 n & middot; m。 Tighten the Allen screw torque is 11 ~ 15. 8 n· m。 3. Oil cooler to install 1) Will be loaded on the cylinder oil cooler parts, screws should be tweaked to 40. 6 ~ 47. 4 n· m。 2) Will feed line to the cooler rear inflow on the main cover joint. The hose clip tight to 4 ~ 5 n & middot; m。 3) The inlet pipe into thermostat and oil cooler, tighten the screw to 40. 6 ~ 47. 4 n· m。 4. Installing the new gasket joint into water inflow joint loaded on the water pump, screw down the screws to 40. 6 ~ 47. 4 n· m。 5. The installation of ac or dc generator 1) The belt loaded on the diesel engine generator pulley and belt wheel, check whether the belt wheel is in the same plane, the error may not be greater than 1. 57 mm, belt wheel center distance is 305 mm. 2) Adjust the belt tension. 3) Tighten the generator installation bolt. 6. The installation of the starter starter bolts should be tightened to 203 ~ 230 n & middot; m。 7. Oil foot plate installation will oil dipstick cover plate and the new gasket to the cylinder block, tighten the screws to 40. 6 ~ 47. 4 n· m。
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