The fault diagnosis of diesel generator set code

by:Jet Power     2020-11-30
1. The engine trouble lamp inside the engine trouble lamp in the instrument, remind the driver motor or its related systems are abnormal. ECM through self diagnosis function, detect anomalies, the engine trouble lamp will light up. By making the head (the data link DLC) Short circuit between terminals, the engine trouble lamp flashing, can confirm that the DTC detection condition. 2. DLC( Data link) DLC( Data link) Installed in the driver's lower left side, it is the joint fault diagnosis instrument and communication of the control unit. It has the function of diagnosis switch by making the DLC terminals ( 4 and 12) Sub, can open diagnosis switch. Engine stopped state, it can display the current DTC of DTC and the past. Engine starting state, only show the current occurrence of DTC. No DTC ( Diagnostic code) Shows said repeatedly that began to display code & other; 1' 。 3. Artificial reading code engine stops, the short answer the DLC terminals ( 4 and 12) 。 Key switch located in & other; ON” That was the fault code memory. If you have more than 2 fault code is memory, from a number of smaller code begins to show 3 times in turn. After code is shown again, and starting from the second code repetition shows that & other; 23' And & other 413' The code. DLC short circuit between terminals will continue for the show. 4. Removal method of DTC system is abnormal, the ECM recorded the DTC, restoration after fault, DTC will not disappear, need according to the following main point force. ( 1) Removed by the accelerating pedal (1) engine in a state of parking. (2) short of DLC terminal & other; 4' And & other 12' 。 (3) open the ignition switch to & other; ON” Position. Meet the above conditions, the following operations can eliminate the fault code. 1) completely step on the accelerator 1 ~ 3 s. (2) the foot from the accelerator 1 ~ 3 s. (3) completely trample accelerator pedal 1 ~ 3 s death. (4) the foot from the accelerator (1 ~ 3 s. (5) completely step on the accelerator 1 ~ 3 s. 6 foot from the accelerator to 1 ~ 3 s. ( 2) Connect fault diagnostic instrument by fault diagnosis instrument cleanup code, can be eliminated by cleaning operation code.
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