The development of diesel generator excitation control system is more quickly

by:Jet Power     2020-12-03
In modern power system, synchronous generator running stability is always a problem of common concern to countries all over the world, in the covert of the many improve generator qualitative measures, improve the control performance of excitation system, has been recognized as one of the most effective and economic measures. In excitation and excitation control system technology in the field of exploration and development of science and technology workers around the world for nearly half a century of time has made unremitting efforts and important contributions. S of the 20th century, as modern control deals with the rapid development of computer technology, some well-known domestic and foreign scholars have put forward by using modern control theory research of power system control subjects. The representative of which is, in the early 70 s, using the modern control theory is proposed for multi-parameter linear optimal control of power system research. As in the 1950 s to the Laplace transform, the complex function theory and the description method of transfer function is applied to the single parameter input and output system, as well as the 1960 s, the state space method of modern control theory and linear algebra analysis and applied to the combination of linear variable optimal control system, so in recent 10 years, introducing the theory of differential geometry nonlinear multivariable control systems research has made great show. Developed by tsinghua university nonlinear multivariable excitation controller is adopted in the design of the precise ( The approximate linearization) Nonlinear power system model, and based on the principle of differential geometry, describe the power system as a standard of affine nonlinear systems. The nonlinear excitation controller to improve the power system steady state and transient stability all has the obvious effect, when the system parameters change, also has obvious robustness ( Robust) , in industrial applications.
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