The composition of diesel generating sets lubrication system and function

by:Jet Power     2020-11-25
Diesel generator oil lubrication system, the basic task is to constantly supply parts of friction surface, reduce the parts of the friction and wear. Flow of the oil can remove impurities such as friction on the surface of the ground, and friction surface cooling. The oil film on the cylinder wall and piston ring also can improve the sealing of cylinder. In addition, the oil can also prevent parts rust. All diesel generator adopt integrated lubrication system, the work load is big. High speed, poor working conditions of friction surface, such as main bearing and connecting rod bearing, CAM bearing and rocker bearing all need certain pressure to the oil to the friction surface gap, in order to form the oil film lubrication, that is the pressure lubrication. Other such as piston and cylinder wall, the valve-train CAM with movement parts such as plash of oil or grease, oil mist to this way of lubrication for the splash lubrication. Other auxiliary body parts, such as fan, water pump shaft and diesel generator shaft, the use of the regular filling lubricant way for lubrication. One, lubrication system composition and the function of 1) Oil pump, oil pipeline. Suction hose and oil pan. Their role is to the oil drain after pressure lubrication to the lubrication parts. Most of the oil duct diesel generators. The tubing design in the interior of the cylinder block, cylinder head. This internal oil way is not easy to damage and leakage, good reliability. 2) The oil filtration device, including the oil strainer ( Full flow oil filter) , oil filter, Side stream filter) 。 Used to remove circulating oil contains a variety of material, guarantee the normal work of the lubrication system. 3) Oil cooling device with a cooler, used for cooling oil, prevent loss due to excessive oil temperature and oil viscosity reducing lubrication effect, make the diesel generator does not work. 4) Oil pressure gauge, oil dipstick, etc. , used to check the working condition of lubrication system.
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