The CAM follower arm and push rod assembly

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
CAM follower and the push rod assembly method and steps are as follows: the CAM follower arm and push rod assembly method and steps are as follows: 1) The CAM follower arm cover gasket loaded on the cylinder block, the thickness of gasket used should be the same as the remove the gasket thickness. Total of small diesel generators CAM should guarantee the gasket thickness at least 0. 36 mm, shall not be greater than 3. 2毫米; Big CAM type gasket total thickness should be 0. 36 ~ 2. 0mm。 2) Mount CAM follower arm cover, and with the positioning pin is,, the bolt washer and tighten the screws to 20 n & middot; m。 Then screw to 41 ~ 47 n & middot; m。 Tighten the screws of the sequence as shown in figure 9 4. 3) Putter loading arm push rod CAM follower tee, pay attention to the fuel injector push rod diameter than the valve push rod diameter, injector push rod should be installed in the middle of the CAM follower arm. 4) CAM follower arm assembly: (1) the spline shaft coupling into the middle cover the front shaft servo arm. (2) the new rectangular sealing ring servo arm cover on both ends of the middle. (3) the before and after the servo arm axis cover of spline and the middle cover with movable arm spline alignment. First, the former servo arm shaft into spline coupling. Method is to middle servo arm cover dowel with former slot alignment on the cover, push the shaft coupling, until your arm close to the rectangular sealing ring. The servo arm shaft into the middle again actuator gear cover, will cover the positioning pin and the lid of the servo arm slot alignment, after the shaft into gear, until after the servo arm cover close to the rectangular sealing ring. (4) the CAM follower arm pads loaded on the positioning pin and guide pin, reload the CAM follower arm cover parts loaded on the guide pin and positioning pin. 5. Mount screws and washers, tighten the first with the movable arm cover screw in the middle. First the screw to 20 n & middot; M, and then in turn to 41 ~ 47 n & middot; m。
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