The basic principle of generating set PT fuel supply system

by:Jet Power     2020-12-09
Fuel from the tank through the filter is inhaled by the gear pump, gear pump discharge from the fuel pressure is 980 kpa, then by PT pump internal voltage regulator, speed, throttle valve, The accelerator) , shutoff valve ( Stop valve) And PT pump assembly, died, most of the tubing respectively into the left or right row cylinder fuel manifold, drill have fuel channels on each of the cylinder head, injector fuel from fuel manifold into the longgang generating set. Fuel valve controlled by CAM drive mechanism, periodically in order to fuel injection cylinder, fuel injector in the rest of the fuel through the drill on the cylinder cover and the oil inlet channel parallel another backflow passage through fuel oil return manifold, returned to the inlet side of the PT pump. PT fuel supply system to adjust the basic principle is: which is the basis of the oil liquid through a channel flow is with pressure, allowed by showing time and channel resistance ( Channel section size) In proportion. Under the condition of constant through time resistance, flow rate is proportional to the pressure; In a constant pressure and resistance, flow rate is proportional to the allowed through time also; If pressure and time constant, the flow rate is inversely proportional to the resistance. It derived from basic equations of fluid mechanics dragon hillock is essentially inevitable conclusion. As a single injector, the orifice at the entrance of section size is selected and the same. So, oil is proportional to the pressure and injection time, only so can be referred to as the PT fuel supply system. In addition, the injection CAM shape is the same. With Angle gauge whether speed, then change of Angle is the same, but in time, the fuel into the time is changing, shorter with speed, reduce fuel injection quantity. In this case, if the oil unchanged even, must by the PT fuel pump to increase the feed pressure of fuel injector, to compensate for the shorter time impact on oil too. So the PT fuel pump oil pressure is changing with engine load and speed and at the same time, pressure, time, which is used to control loop oil have something basic. Based on the principle of the PT type oil supply system. In the system, and discussions are part of the limiter is PT pump, injector, and smoke.
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