The basic function of communication power supply centralized monitoring a generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-12-08
Diesel generator the basic function of communication power supply centralized monitoring, centralized monitoring of the power system is refers to the distribution of the dispersed power supply device, due to the central ecr through the computer network of telemetry, remote and remote control ( Often called & other; Three remote & throughout; ) , real-time monitoring of the operation parameters, operation records, alarm processing, etc. , thus forming little person or unattended power supply and related equipment and the centralized maintenance computing control system. After adopted centralized monitoring management system, using computer and network technology. Software engineering, communication technology and measurement and control technology and other modern means of communication power supply system and other automation power station can be raised to a new level of the maintenance and management. Centralized monitoring management system, it is to be accused of equipment for remote communication, remote sensing and remote control. (1) remote communication refers to the various state of the running power equipment, reflected in the monitoring center. Which way alternating current (ac) at work; Mains or diesel generator set; Voltage and frequency is normal. The dc output is normal; Battery is in floating or filling state; Each rectifier is normal running. The operating condition of the battery pack is normal; The presence of a discharge. Sales of diesel generators, dongfeng, chongqing diesel generating set, wood on dongfeng, Shanghai giant friends, (2) remote sensing information is obtained according to the remote communication, timely judge what happened, or regularly test the necessary technical data and for failure analysis. Main content: a. Mains electricity, diesel generating sets in how long the normal power supply. b。 Mains electricity, diesel generator set has yet to start, how long does the battery can supply; Whether to restore power, storage battery are filling time and the consistent set of filling time. c。 In a running a rectifier failure occurs, can the nature of the telemetry is out of order. d。 Remote sensing data. Such as power outage time. Time and failure time; Diesel engine running time and so on all can automatically record, display and print. Sales generator set: weichai, yuchai engine generators, JiChai diesel generator (3) remote control namely remote operation. Remote control the main contents are: a. Remote boot. In unattended engine room, if mains power failure, must remote starting diesel generating sets. Rectifier automatic startup after a failed, also can use manual remote boot. b。 Remote control to turn it off. When a station running found abnormal, should be remote control shutdown, check or repair again after boot
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