The advantages of two methods of diesel generators to start

by:Jet Power     2020-12-11
The activation method for automatic diesel generator has two kinds, one kind is using artificial way of manual start, another kind is started automatically by the diesel generator control module. Diesel generator set manufacturer today introduced the other advantage of different kinds of startup mode. A 1, diesel generators, manual startup mode manual activation: test alarm system after normal first and will control concerns in the manual ( MAN) Place, diesel generating sets can start on its own. Parking: 2, diesel generator control open concern to stop ( 停止) Position or press the red emergency stop button can stop the generator. Emergency situations can be directly press emergency stop button can be forced to stop. If press the red emergency stop button must be returned in situ, otherwise the generator will not be able to start. 1, 2, automatic startup mode will open concern to automatic control, AUTO) , and cooperate with the power automatic transfer switch ( ATS) Control switch should be used in automatic position, when mains stops, A• T• S will start signal generator control system, generator will start automatically. 2, when the control concerns to stop ( 停止) , or remain in the automatic, but the utility has returned to ATS that sent the signal, the parking diesel generator will stop automatically. Note: the operation of diesel generators, due to the fault ( Speed, high temperature, low oil pressure, etc. ) And automatic stop occurs, the generator should be the fault reset button after troubleshooting pressure can be ready to start again.
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