The adjustment of valve clearance of valve-train

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
Inlet and exhaust valve clearance refers to the roller CAM drive arm with the CAM base circle in contact state, the gap between the rocker arm and t press plate. Due to the valve of diesel engine and fuel injector is driven by a common camshaft, so the valve clearance adjustment because of the way the injector pressure adjusting plunger takes a seat. Adjustment method is as follows: 1) When the instrument method is adopted to adjust pressure injector plunger takes a seat, the valve clearance may be adjusted at the same time with injector, namely when adjust the injector of a cylinder, can adjust the valve clearance. For example, for 1 - firing order 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 4 diesel engine, when adjusted the third cylinder injector, it can be adjusted on the same crankshaft position 5 cylinder valve clearance. Then press the table 9 - 9 columns in order to adjust the third cylinder, cylinder 6, the second cylinder, the fourth cylinder and the cylinder valve clearance. Table 9 - clearance values 11. 2) When the moment method is used to adjust the injector in adjusting the good after the injector of a cylinder is the same cylinder valve clearance ( Not allowed to adjust air, after the adjustable injector) And adjust the sequence and methods according to table 9 - 7 column, also can be adjusted according to the using method of moment injector plunger takes a seat pressure of rapid adjustment method, namely the after all diesel engine fuel injector, then rotate the crankshaft, find the first cylinder is in the power stroke 90 & deg; The location of the. In the 1 - 6 vs location, the first cylinder of adjustable inlet and exhaust door, fifth cylinder inlet and exhaust door, the first cylinder exhaust, the inlet valve of the fourth cylinder. Then turn the crankshaft in 6-1 V in this position the second cylinder and the cylinder 6 adjustable inlet and exhaust door, the inlet valve of the third cylinder, cylinder exhaust valve 4. In this way, the diesel engine of each cylinder can be turned twice in finished, the exhaust valve clearance adjustment.
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