The adjustment of the servo piston diesel generating set

by:Jet Power     2020-11-29
The adjustment of the servo piston must be conducted in the diesel engine under cold state. With the adjustment to adjust the servo piston valve of the same program, details are as follows: 1) Suitable to rotate the crankshaft of diesel engine, to a belt wheel and other accessories; 一个“ Or. “ 1 - 6vs” Marked with the arrow on the gear chamber cover alignment. And the fifth cylinder inlet and exhaust valves must be closed. The third cylinder injector piston must be in its apex of the lift. If the plunger is out of the lift vertex, crankshaft should be a solid, then aim at the valve location mark. Note: (1) here is & other; 一个“ Or & other 1 - 6VS” Marker for adjustment datum, actually can use any cylinder as a reference point, as shown in table 11 1. Table 11 - Adjust the injector and the position of the valve 1 mark direction of rotation move of diesel engine with wheel position has been adjusted the injector valve of cylinder, began to turn on turn on turn and turn on turn A or 1 - Or 2-6 v B 5 v or 3 - C Vs A or 1-4 Or 2-6 v B 5 v or 3 - C 4 vs 6 2 3 4 5 6 2 3 4 1 note 1 - firing order 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 4. (2) 44 type compression brake servo piston adjustment with Allen key, as shown in figure 11 9 a. And 44 type a compression brake servo piston with screwdriver adjustment, as shown in figure 11 9 b. 2) Loosen the adjustment screw nut, exit the adjustment screw until the servo piston close to the bottom of the cylinder. 3) Will be zero. 46 mm feeler in servo piston and t between the clamp and tighten the adjusting screw until feeler servo piston contact ( Contact degree is: feeler between servo piston and t-shaped plate can move back and forth, but feel the friction resistance) 。 Don't move against the adjustable screw, tighten nut to 20. 3 ~ 24. 4 n· m。 4) Use the same procedure to adjust the rest of the servo piston. 5) Wires connected to the electromagnetic coil compression brake, as shown in figure 11 10. Note: some braking device adopts double bidirectional solenoid valve, can will Ren Yigen solenoid wires to the vehicle's circuit, and the other a grounded. 6) Rule out the air in the brake oil way: (1) starting diesel engine, idle running 4 ~ 5 min. (2) to increase the engine speed to 1800 r/min. (3) to droop to normal idle speed of diesel engine, the coil with the hand press 5 ~ 6 times, make the diesel engine oil full of compression brake oil duct, as shown in figure 11 11.
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