Technical personnel long after the replacement of the filtering on the generator

by:Jet Power     2020-12-06
Diesel generating sets don't is divided into three filter diesel filter, oil filter, air filter. The diesel generator set three how long need to replace the filter used? The following released by power equipment arrangement. 1, diesel filter diesel generating sets need to replace a working 400 hours. Also need to see the quality of diesel replacement cycle, if diesel poor quality you will need to shorten the replacement cycle. 2, the oil filter in diesel generator set work 200 hours need to change again. 3, to change the air filter according to the indicator display. If the diesel generator set use the regional air quality is poorer so air filter replacement cycle will be shortened. Above is to replace diesel generating set three filter, the general situation, but according to use areas use different time, the cycle of replacement are also different. Power equipment recommend consulting a diesel generator set manufacturer for details.
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