Teach you how to identify whether lubricating oil in diesel generators metamorphic

by:Jet Power     2020-12-04
Here small make up to introduce five kinds of method of identify whether diesel generator oil metamorphism: a. Oil flow observation we take two cups, one of them need to be checked out of the lubricating oil, empty on the desktop, the other will leave the measuring cup with lubricating oil for high desktop, tilt, let oil flow slowly to the empty cup, to observe the movement of lubricating oil, good quality lubricant oil flow should be long and thin, uniform, continuous, if appear oil flow fast and slow, sometimes with large flow, the said lubricating oil has deteriorated. two Get some lubricant twist twist with the hand between the thumb and forefinger grinding, lubricating oil particles feel free from pollution, less abrasive dust, if feel fingers between the larger friction feeling such as sand, suggests that the impurity, lubricating oil can no longer use, the new lubricating oil should be replaced immediately. 3. With the sun on a clear day, use a screwdriver to lubricating oil lifted, and horizontal Angle of 45 degrees. Contrast sunshine, observe the oil situation, under the light, can see clearly without wear debris in lubricating oil is good, can continue to function, if excessive wear debris, lubricating oil should be changed. Four. Oil droplets trace method take a clean white paper, number of oil drops on the filter paper, after waiting for lubricating oil leakage, if the surface is black powder, touch resistance acerbity feeling, then lubricating oil inside has many impurities, new oil must be replaced. Five. Smell the flavor of the lubricating oil with this method is mainly to check whether into too much fuel in the oil, if oil was the oxidation ( Oil have vague smell) Specializing in the production of automatic diesel generating set, the use of integrated design, completely independent configuration, can meet the electricity requirements in any case, the true sense of the emergency power supply.
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