T valve-train platen adjustment

by:Jet Power     2020-11-27
T the adjustment of the pressure plate to provide guarantee for valve action at the same time, and prevents deformation due to valve misalignment. It is to use an adjusting screw to make the valve work consistent, as shown in figure 9 5. T the change of the platen adjustment is often due to the end of the valve seat wear in the running, the rocker arm and the gap between t linking piece. So commonly found in radial clearance tightly adjust t the platen. T d plate after adjustment is usually in the injector plunger, then can then adjust the valve clearance. T platen adjustment steps are as follows: 1) Loosen the valve t-shaped plate adjusting screw lock nut, and screw bolt. 2) With your fingers gently press rocker arm in t linking piece on the contact surface, make the t contact pressure plate and the valve rod. 3) Budge t linking piece adjusting screw down until it comes into contact with the valve rod 3. 4) Because t have space between the clamp lever and catheter, and for compensation adjustment screw loose, for the new t plate and ducts, adjusting screw should be turned into 20 & deg; 。 To wear t-shaped plate and ducts, must turn into 30 & deg; 。 5) Keep adjusting screw, screw lock nut, tightening torque is 34 ~ 41 N, m. 6) With a feeler check t plate end face and the clearance between the valve spring seat, the minimum clearance value is o. 64mm。
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