Supercharging type diesel generator maintenance measures when using

by:Jet Power     2020-12-05
(1) diesel generator should be in idle running 5 min after starting, lubricating oil after reaching a certain temperature and pressure, to improve the speed to 15 oor/min, because in the supercharger which would be exacerbated bearing wear floating bearing no lubrication, even stuck; At the same time, diesel generator outage before to idle running 5 ~ 6 min, and then allowed to stop. (2) to do a good job of supercharger maintenance, regularly check the external connector, regular cleaning of lubricating oil filter, regular cleaning the turbine and compressor. Turbocharger components after cleaning and checking of (1) will the supercharger decomposition on diesel oil or kerosene wash clean, then remove all kinds of parts surface carbon deposit. (2) check the turbine and compressor impeller, without deformation or damage to the blade have loose or deformation, compressor casing and turbine shell crack. If there is any exception, should for repair or replacement parts. (3) to measure various clearance is in accordance with the regulations. (4) check whether there is any crack on the intermediate support body, and the water cavity is rust: with water pressure test to check whether there is leaking water. 5. After cleaning, in accordance with the provisions, the moment of assembling. 3. In the power supply of power generation units using automatic excitation generators in power supply automatic excitation methods must be taken. When the load increases, Or less) Cause the generator terminal voltage to drop, Or higher) , the automatic excitation generator can make the field current increased ( Or decrease) , thus making the generator terminal voltage constant. By changing the excitation loop resistance or conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier excitation current control, keep the generator terminal voltage stability. The change of the voltage and exciting current is always the opposite, or negative feedback. So, when the power supply should adopts automatic excitation method, so as not to affect the normal power supply. 4. 62 t51 new frequency tables and 62 t51 wiring method of the old frequency table (1) the old frequency table has three terminal, the new has two terminal frequency table. (2) the old frequency table inside without transformer, the transformer assembly in generator control cabinet, frequency table 3 root from the control box transformer leads to lead. While new dial frequency table shows the internal transformer and marked with the 220 v voltage requirements. (3) from the generator control box transformer into two online two wires to the new frequency table two terminal. 5. How to correctly use dc generator and the silicon rectifying generator (1) before charging generator must be chosen to match the charging generator regulator. (2) after a period of time after use, to the generator carbon brush contact and spring pressure. (3) keep the generator inside and outside clean. (4) for frequent use of diesel generators, after psych battery to disconnect earthing switch, especially the continuous operation of the diesel generator. (5) for every 200 h after use, to the generator internal bearing filling grease, prevent the damage caused by friction between rotor and stator rotor.
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