Structure analysis of diesel generator set

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
Structural analysis of diesel generator set: a normal diesel generating set is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator and control system of three parts, diesel engine and generator has two kinds of connection mode, a flexible connection, which even the axis machine the two parts of docking, secondly, rigid connection, the generator with high strength bolt connection rigidity and diesel engines can be connected with the fly wheel, on the market of diesel generator set using some of the more rigid connection, diesel engine and generator connected after installed on the chassis, deserve to go up and then protective sensor, such as water temperature sensor, through the sensor, intuitively to display the running condition of diesel engine to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set a limit, when reach or exceed the limit control system will alarm in advance, this time if the operator did not take measures to control system will automatically stop unit, diesel generating sets is to take the way of self protection. Sensors act as received and feedback all kinds of information, the real show these data and perform the protection function is diesel generator set control system, control panel installed on the generator, called a backpack type control panel, also has a part is independent of a screen placed in the operating room, known as fission type control panel, control panel through the cable connection and generator and sensor, according to electric and diesel engine running parameters, respectively. In addition, the generating set and chassis, coupling, radiator, fuel tank, some still hold mufflers and casing.
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