Six taboo that should pay attention to start the diesel generator

by:Jet Power     2020-12-07
Before start the diesel generator set, we should first check the unit each switch and corresponding conditions are all ready to mood, to start the unit under storage conditions are feasible. If the following 6 kinds of condition, we don't will not start, only carefully treat unit, to raise its efficiency, prolong the life of it. 1, avoid is no cooling water tank, or start to add after start add cooling water after diesel generator set, can make the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important components caused by the sudden encounter cold cracking or shape. Also, as to the sudden cold the body to join 100 ℃ boiled water, can also induced crack cylinder head and the body. The correct method is: before start the diesel generator set, want to join the cooling water first, join in the diesel generator set within 60 ℃ warm water after preheating, and start again. 2, avoid is not according to the oil supply we should not build start diesel generating sets, or start, to stress the handle on the job again after the location of the oil, should be before start the diesel generator set the throttle lever on the location of the fuel supply. Not according to the provisions of the ordering of the harm is: when start the diesel generator set, if we first step on the gas in oil supply, will waste into fuel, and redundant diesel will scour the cylinder wall, make the deterioration of lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner was exacerbated wear and tear, oil and residual oil into the oil pan will be diluted and reduce the effect of lubricating oil, lead to excessive diesel combustion in the cylinder is not all the formation of carbon. The correct method is: first engine, oil refueling door, to start again. 3, avoid carts start diesel generating set cold car engine oil sticky cart started, will aggravate the wear between moving parts, which would reduce the diesel generator set with life. 4, avoid is not on schedule in lubricating oil, fuel oil temperature in winter and summer are different, the use of oil is also different. High temperature in the summer, if he does not change with the temperature tolerance index good lubricating oil: such as 40. 50. 60, etc. ) , the lubricating oil oxidation stability is bad, intensify its thermal decomposition, oxidation and polymerization, easy to bad. At the same time, the lubricating oil temperature rise and the decrease of viscosity, easy to cause lubricating oil consumption too fast, in winter, if not timely the oil with low viscosity and low freezing point diesel, diesel generating sets group within the larger, start is difficult, at the same time will add Su all moving parts wear and tear. 5, avoid is used a flame roasting to prevent fire, application of slow fire or coal fire, in a certain distance: 0 cm) Baking diesel generating sets of oil pan, slowly shake shaft oil at the same time, can let the oil evenly heat, make each part have been lubricating oil. If a fire started on the diesel generating sets of air inlet pipe, can make the material burning ash and hard sundries sucked into the cylinder, intake and exhaust door closed lax caused centuries cylinder wear. 6, avoid long time use electro-thermal plug flame preheater of the heating element for heating wire, its power consumption and heat output is large, use for a long time can damage because of rapid discharge of battery, at the same time also can burn out heating wire. So, electro-thermal plug each successive use time is more than a minute, flame preheater each continuous use time can control in 20 seconds.
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