Six cylinder in-line diesel engine electric starting system

by:Jet Power     2020-12-10
Six cylinder in-line diesel engine start-up circuit. The circuit power supply voltage is 24 v, which USES single negative iron. Closed circuit when the units need to start the power key switch JK, press start button to KC, start the coil current and electromagnetic switch, the dynamic contact closure, start dc motor electric start, the current from the battery B1 & other +” Start-up by dc motor stator winding and rotor winding with battery B2 & other; - ” Very ( Grounding) Constitute a loop. When the electromagnetic switch timeliness, start the motor gear is introduced with the start of the flywheel ring gear meshed generator-set.html' target='_blank'>diesel generators, diesel generators crankshaft rotates, the diesel engine start. At the same time, the charging generator regulator p intercepting relay coil electricity, the contact group, through to the silicon rectifying charging generator excitation circuit, L make charging generator voltage is established. When the engine starts, release start button KC, cut off the start motor circuit, start gear automatically quit right now, away from the flywheel ring gear. When the engine starts, silicon rectifying generator voltage has been established, W2 intercepting relay coil is energized, keep off state, the contact is closed, the silicon rectifying generator output of electricity flows through the ammeter, and began to charge battery. Silicon rectifying generator to the battery charging circuit connected or disconnected or not and the size of the charging current, by control the automatic voltage regulator. When the silicon rectifying charging generator voltage is greater than the specified value of 28 v, at this point, the voltage regulator electricity produced by electromagnetic force is greater than the tension of the spring, the electromagnetic vibration of the double contact contactor release, under the additional resistor R1, R3 series excitation circuit, excitation current decreases, and the generator output voltage is reduced. When the silicon rectifying generator are in a light load and high speed, the output voltage is more than specified value, voltage regulator, W3 coil current increase, enhanced suction, make contact closure, exciting winding is short circuit, the generator output voltage rapidly reduced, sharply reduce the current, voltage regulator coil suction abate. When the suction is smaller than spring tension, on contact to open, close contact, the additional resistor R1, R3 short circuit, excitation current and increase, enable higher output voltage. Such contact cycle with a certain frequency, adjusted the periodic vibration, make the output voltage control within the prescribed scope. When the diesel engine after downtime, intercepting relay electric release, contactor disconnect, in order to prevent the battery charged back to the generator.
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