Silent diesel generator set a simple introduction

by:Jet Power     2020-11-24
Silent diesel generator set is low noise generator and engine technology introduced from abroad and elaborate; Advanced design concept, the variety is complete. Product series diesel generating sets functions, also has the following features: low noise, the overall organization is compact, small footprint; Boxes are all removable type structure, body USES the steel plate joining together and become, the surface coated with high-performance anticorrosive paint, have noise reduction and rainproof function at the same time; Impedance mismatch chamber adopts multi-layer barrier type structure, built-in large impedance muffler. Box structural design is reasonable, the chamber is equipped with large capacity fuel tank, around is equipped with two access doors at the same time, so that the unit troubleshooting; On the box body at the same time open a window and unit fault emergency stop button, in order to observe the running situation of the unit and the unit in an emergency stop as soon as possible to avoid damaged unit. Diesel generator set/low noise diesel generating set in line with GB2820 - 90 and relevant national standards, widely used in post and telecommunications, communications, hotel, entertainment, hospital, high-rise buildings and industrial and mining enterprises and so on have strict requirements for noise of power supply. Low noise diesel generating sets have low noise workstation, low noise generator automation, low noise motor power, low noise power station as a variety of design types of trailer. Low noise diesel generating set stable performance, reliable operation, low emissions, low fuel consumption. Series low noise generator has the following characteristics: 1, the significant performance of low noise, noise limit of unit 75 db ( A) ( From the unit 1 m) 。 Unit 2, the overall design compact structure, small volume, modelling is novel and attractive. 3, multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type sound insulation cover. 4, efficient multi-channel inlet and exhaust noise type, into the exhaust channel, ensure its good dynamic performance. 5, large impedance compound muffler. 6, the large capacity fuel oil. 7, AD hoc quick open cover plate, maintenance is convenient. Structure: the machine is small in size, light weight, compact structure. Aesthetically pleasing sound insulation cover, tear open outfit is simple, convenient operation unit. Form a complete set of famous brand diesel engine and generator and enclosed automatic voltage regulator, excellent performance, reliable operation. Performance: the noise, Unit 1 m) from ; ≤ 80 db and 75 db, Sound pressure level) ; Steady-state voltage regulation: & le; ± 1%,勒; ± 0. 5%; The transient voltage regulation rate: & le; + 20% and + 15%; The steady state frequency regulation: & le; 5%; Transient frequency regulation: & le; ± 10%; No-load voltage setting range: & ge; ( 95 - 105). %Un。 Technical parameters: rated voltage: 400 v; The rated speed: 1500 r/min; : rated frequency 50 hz; The rated power factor: 108 ( Lag)
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